Come Out Fighting is back in action. Also, spooky country blues punk Black Sails ep finishing up and shows soon. Big plans ahead…


How can we grow and progress when the counter culture is just another scene…

In studio. 4 projects in progress. Motivation is a bitch…

These are the days of tattoos and timebombs
Gone are the days of thoughtful dissent
They blind us with malice, hatred and rage
All different prisons but still the same cage

These are the days we live of tattoos and timebombs
I look back and wonder how it all came to this

Looking back it seems so far away
A life filled with so many yesterdays

I still remember driving down the road
Blasting Rancid on the stereo
I still remember back in the day
Listening to Danzig, Rollins and MacKaye

We used to be boys now we have grown into men
We all fall down before we learn to stand
Thats why we have these friends to pick us up again
I thought we would be those same kids untill the very end

And I remember driving down the road
Bad Religion was on the stereo
I still remember back in the day
It seems these memories will never fade

Will we ever be ready to give it up
It gets harder each and every year
As we grow up and I get older
How long can I watch all my friends move on

Music makes us immortal
Our words will live on long after we are gone

All thats left, when we are gone
These words we speak, these things we have done
Our legacy, it will remain
Long after these dying days

This world we bore on broken backs
Always moving forward, never looking back
It was our time, only our voices remain
Long after these dying days


When I look forward I see the past
When I look back I see the future

If today is like yesterday
It stands to reason
That tomorrow is like today

There is no future
There is no past
Only present

Living life always out of step
We were just minors, they called us a threat
Some of us edge, some of us drunks
but to them, we were all just punks

Let’s go, cause it’s never too late
Out came the wolves, cause life wouldn’t wait
This was a time and place in history
Built a generation just like me.